Book Talks: Inspiring Elementary and Middle School Students

I visit elementary and middle schools with 3 goals in mind: inspire kids to read, write, and follow their dreams. I tell them my story with the hopes it inspires them to write their own, both figuratively and literally. I want to show them proof that they can do it, that they can dream big and let their imagination take them places.

I know some of the kids will not be persuaded to take up writing, and that’s okay. I hope their take-away is that no matter what their thing is, they can do it. It’s all about putting in the hard work, the effort, and their determination.

I would have loved to hear that message when I was younger, so I feel lucky I get to spread it now. It’s important for them to hear that they can do it.

It’s also important that I help them make the distinction between school writing and creative writing. In school, students write a lot of nonfiction and essays with assigned prompts. That’s not all that writing is, and I want them to know that. Writing can be freedom, a creative outlet, self-expression. Writing can be anything you want it to be.

With every school I visit, I look out into the sea of faces and latch on to the kids I see absorbing my words. Even if there is only one, it makes me happy to see in their face that I inspired them. It makes it all worthwhile.

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Photo Gallery of Sarah Frank’s School Author Visits!

Sarah Frank’s second book Two Secrets is now out and joins the award-winning book One Chance! Sarah is a has now presented to over 5,000 students and teachers.  She loves visiting elementary and middle schools and interacting with the students, teachers and media specialists. She inspires them to dream big and then put in the hard work and commitment to reach their goals with her presentation: “The Story of One Chance.” Interested in having Sarah visit your school? Visit our Media/School Author Visits page and see “proof” of  lots of posts and comments from teachers, media specialists, principals  and parents whose children have been inspired to READ and/or WRITE after meeting Sarah and hearing her message!

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Sarah kicks off her #BookTour for the 2018-2019 School Year!

Today is KICK-OFF DAY for Sarah’s BOOK TOUR for the 2018-2019 School Year! We are headed to Mintz Elementary where she will do 2 presentations for the 5th graders.

We have a FULL SLATE booked through December, both on weekdays and she is also doing presentations/conferences on a few weekends. Luckily, she goes to Blake High School where they view this as related student business. She’s a top student and will be juggling make-up work as well as finishing Two Secrets! Wish her luck! (And me too)

Would you like a School Author visit from Sarah?

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Sarah’s School “Author Visits”

Sarah has several school author visits scheduled:

Jan 22: Hillel Academy, Middle Grades Division, Tampa
Jan 23: Westchase Elementary, 4th and 5th grades, Tampa
Jan 25 Sawgrass Bay Elementary, Clermont, FL, Literacy Night
Feb 12, Davidsen Middle School, Tampa

Sarah is available to visit local elementary and middle schools as her high school schedule allows. She loves inspiring kids to read and write and put in the hard work to make their dreams come true. Her presentation is titled: The Story of ONE CHANCE: Dreams can come true! She has a PowerPoint presentation, can read a section of One Chance to the students, take questions and autograph books.

To book Sarah visit our Media/School Visits page.

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