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One Chance and Two Secrets are available in paperback, hardcover, and now in Ebook form! You can buy them on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

An even better choice: autographed copies are available on Sarah’s publisher’s site at BeaLuBooks.com. Use the coupon code “1ChanceNews”.

About One Chance: When Sandy’s parents don’t return from a trip, she finds herself thrust into two orphanages run by the darkly mysterious Marsh sisters. Brian, a new middle school student, seeks out Sandy and reveals the existence of a magical rock: The Stone of Discedo. Threatening notes (or clues?) appear and Sandy, Brian and their fellow orphans find themselves in an escalating series of events. A theft is committed and Sandy is framed; a Sandy-lookalike orphan is brutally murdered. Sandy realizes that she has one chance to change her entire life and get her parents back…by going back in time.

“Time can be a tricky thing. If you get lost, you don’t come back. If you get killed, you can’t change it. If you mess with it, not even your family will remember your name, because you’re lost in time forever.”

About Two Secrets:  Brian’s world is about to be turned upside down…again. Charles Moon is back to play more of his evil games. As people disappear without a trace from South Toheeden, it’s up to Brian and his friends to figure out why. But first, they must solve a riddle, travel through portals to far off places, and find an antidote serum to destroy Moon’s evil inventions.

Now, Moon seems to be focused on Brian, and Brian seems to have an uncanny ability to understand Moon. But why? Things get urgent when Moon kidnaps Brian’s brother Aaron, and they have little time to save him before Aaron is gone forever. To save Aaron and the others, Brian and his friends must first figure out Moon’s clues, use the Stone of Moraetus to time travel, and survive the treachery of a battle with Moon and his followers. As they delve further into the world of magic and mystery, life-changing secrets are revealed. What secrets has Brian discovered, and how will they shape him forever?

“Sometimes we hide secrets from others, and sometimes we hide them from ourselves.”

Sarah is hard at work editing the third book in the One Chance Series, Three Quests.

Cloudy Days, When Anxiety Hides the Sunshine (Grades K-3) 

About the book: Now, more than ever, kids (and adults) are coping with anxiety. Written in verse by teen author Sarah Frank and illustrated by teen artist Kat Bell, Cloudy Days introduces young readers to what anxiety is through the story of best friends, Tulip and Lily. Cloudy Days is a perfect way to start a conversation about anxiety so kids do not feel they are alone and to know that friends and family will listen and help them.


Windows and Mirrors: A Poetry Portfolio

“This is a poetry book includes 25 poems split into two sections: windows and mirrors. Window poems are about others while mirror poems are about my own life. The first poem of each collection has a QR code in the corner. When scanned, the QR code will pull up a video of me performing the piece. I hope it brings it to life and shows all the emotions that went into this portfolio. This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys poetry: both happy, sad, and every emotion in between. I hope it is a window into the world and mirror of mine.”

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