She Won’t Remember

This poem is dedicated to my grandmother, who has Alzheimers.

Tanned feet,
Stretched out on the warm sand,
With the Florida Sun shining down.
In a few years,
Or maybe a few months,
She won’t remember.

She won’t remember,
the feeling of the warm Florida Sun,
or the days spent at the beach,

A warm embrace,
the warm embrace of a loved one,
a heart held close to hers,
but she won’t remember.

A soft kiss planted on her cheek,
From the man who stole her heart,
But she won’t remember.

A loving gaze passed from eye to eye,
From the boy who warmed her heart,
But she won’t remember.

It hurts to know,
That her memories will fade.
It hurts to know,
She’ll become an empty shell of a human,
At one time or another.

At one point in time,
She will no longer be herself.

She will change.

Her memories will disappear,
Taking her personality with them,
And her love,
And her life,
And everything that makes her who she is…
Will be gone.

I can remember,
The days that made up the weeks,
That made up the months,
That made up the years,
That I have spent in her arms,
In her care.
I can remember,
But she never will.

She will never remember,
But I will never forget.

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