Tell Me

Hold it together,
for you needed to be there when I needed you,
when I fell down, you needed to pick me up,
I needed you to pick me up.
Hold it together
because when I’m falling
you should be running
to pick me up, dust me off, and tell me
that everything is going to be okay…
but will it?
Will there be a day when you,
my hero in silver armor,
can be my hero
and save me?
Save me, from the souls who don’t want to be saved,
from the poison spewed by spite
from the lies and loss that walk hand-in-hand with the world.
Tell me, that’s not how life is.
Tell me that the world is a good place,
a good place to live and to be.
Tell me it’s going to be okay.
Tell me you are going to be okay,
and maybe one day, you’ll save me.
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