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One Chance is now live on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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About One Chance: When Sandy’s parents don’t return from a trip, she finds herself thrust into two orphanages run by the darkly mysterious Marsh sisters. Brian, a new middle school student, seeks out Sandy and reveals the existence of a magical rock: The Stone of Discedo. Threatening notes (or clues?) appear and Sandy, Brian and their fellow orphans find themselves in an escalating series of events. A theft is committed and Sandy is framed; a Sandy-lookalike orphan is brutally murdered. Sandy realizes that she has one chance to change her entire life and get her parents back…by going back in time.

“Time can be a tricky thing. If you get lost, you don’t come back. If you get killed, you can’t change it. If you mess with it, not even your family will remember your name, because you’re lost in time forever.”


See Sarah’s interview on Bay News 9 with Dalia Dangerfield: